Pirate Asset Protection ™

This series is called Pirate Asset Protection™! One of my mentors used to say, “There are two types of asset protection: physical protection and legal protection.”

Pirates specialized in physical asset protection, and they mastered the trade like no other. Privateers were better at the legal end of things. We’ll focus on both aspects in this blog series and hopefully shed some insight that can help you protect your wealth . . . both physically and legally.

Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Neither Do Asset Protection Attorneys

As an asset protection attorney, it’s my mission to help you secure your swag and Pieces of Eight so that you don’t find yourself marooned on the Isle of Litigation with no quarter in sight. Think of me as a salty old corsair here to make sure that you’ve fortified your wealth and protected your assets with something better than cannons. I’m a legal sea dog charged with the mission of making sure that you aren’t sunk or shark bait. I’ve got me spyglass on the horizon, and I’m a on the lookout to make certain we’ve tied off the sails properly and that we ain’t gonna be pillaged.

So sit back and splice the mainbrace. Subscribe to the blog posts and enjoy the rum. We’ve set sail, and we’ll be at sea awhile, but with good asset protection, you’ll get your port of call with little trouble. Try to enjoy the view . . . and the rum. I’ll take care of everything else, YO-HO!