Asset Protection Testimonials

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New York Times - Asset Protection Attorney Wayne Patton

Asset Protection Testimonials:

“I’ve worked with Wayne a lot over the years. He is absolutely committed to excellence and integrity, and he always gets the job done the right way. I highly recommend him as a creative and trustworthy resource and as a truly outstanding person and lawyer.”
Peter Vegso
Publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul





A lot of my colleagues were getting asset protection plans. I just didn’t know about it. Now I’m 100% covered, so I can focus on what’s most important to me. Besides that, my asset protection plan paid for itself in the first year with reduced malpractice premiums. I couldn’t imagine having a lawyer other than Wayne Patton on my side.”
Dr. Curtis McCarty




“I’ve worked with Wayne on a ton of projects, and he always delivers. You can count on him when it really matters. You could not do better than Wayne as “go to” counsel for any issue, but I wouldn’t even consider another lawyer for asset protection planning.”

Dewey Destin – Destin, Florida
Owner Dewey Destin’s Restaurants




Wayne Patton is a man of integrity and intelligence. He knows the law and uses it with wisdom for his clients. In our case, he has worked tirelessly to ensure a good outcome. I come from a family of lawyers so my standards are extremely high. Wayne meets and exceeds them.”
Carol S.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming




“Wayne is the only attorney – the only resource – that I trust when it comes to do the planning for not only my own family but also my clients. He’s the first person I call whenever I have any question about asset protection or estate planning.”
Sean Moore, CFP®
Palm Beach, Florida




“I do 99% of my own legal planning, but when it comes to asset protection for me, my family, and my clients, Wayne Patton is the person I trust. He goes above and beyond to create effective asset protection strategies that surpass what most other lawyers even think about. I’ve known Wayne for years. He’s a brilliant attorney, and the personal attention he gives his clients is the reason I refer people to him.”
Jonas Weatherbie, J.D.
Attorney & Financial Advisor




“I appreciate you bringing the Florida Supreme Court case of Olmstead v. FTC to my attention . . . . Thank you for being a diligent citizen and for continuing to do your part to improve the business environment and encourage and stimulate growth within the State of Florida.”
Representative Matt Gaetz
Florida House of Representatives 




“I work in a profession where I know lots of lawyers – and really good lawyers – but of all the lawyers I know, Wayne is the attorney I trust. He is the first person I would call if I had any legal problem, especially a problem related to asset protection. He is caring and has integrity. I would highly recommend him to anybody.”
Alice M.
Family Therapist




“Wayne is one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet and he possesses excellent technical skill in his practice area. Wayne is great at taking complex concepts and explaining them in a manner that is easy to understand.”
Ari Kuchinsky, Attorney






“We were sued in a predatory lawsuit by a convicted felon. I called Wayne right away and he said ‘Don’t worry, you’re covered.’ That was a good feeling. When we were under attack, it was great to know that we had Wayne’s knowledge and experience at our disposal – and he provided an unbelievable level of personal attention.”
Frank Boullosa
Real Estate Broker & Developer
Winner of 2012 Deal of the Year




I was fortunate enough to come across Wayne’s website. He spoke with me about how to protect assets and how to protect my future. He’s an honest, wonderful person, and I highly advise anybody . . . to [work] with an amazing attorney such as Wayne.
Chaya Wagner, Business Owner