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Asset Protection Lawyer Florida Asset Protection Lawyer Florida

Working with a dedicated asset protection lawyer Florida recommends is a way of safeguarding everything you have worked so hard to build. Wayne Patton JD, LLC is personally dedicated to helping each of our clients understand asset protection by providing education and offering solutions. There are many benefits to seeking services from an experienced asset protection lawyer. Once you have decided that our firm is the right option for you, it’s recommended that you schedule a consultation and then carefully prepare for the appointment. When you choose our firm, we will dedicate our time, resources, and experience to your specific situation. 

Understanding Asset Protection

Asset protection is a component of financial planning that helps protect both individuals and businesses’ assets. When a lawsuit is filed, a person’s assets can be at risk. Such cases often involve a negligent act such as premises liability, car accidents, and more. However, be aware that asset protection should be done well in advance to safeguard for the future. The process cannot begin after a problem has been perceived. Florida asset protection isn’t just for the incredibly wealthy and should be considered by the average person, business owners, and more. Working with an asset protection lawyer will be critical in helping to retain assets for yourself and your family.   

The Initial Consultation

While an asset protection lawyer will undoubtedly be in your best interest, you must schedule an initial meeting with our firm before retaining a lawyer. Scheduling an initial appointment is beneficial for both the lawyer and their prospective clients. Before entering into any business relationship, an initial meeting is essential for both parties. Here are the reasons for an initial consultation:

  • Provides the opportunity to meet with one another. Allows clients to get a feel for the prospective lawyers’ personality and style. 
  • To learn more about the firm’s experience 
  • The opportunity to ask questions that are specific to your needs
  • To mitigate the risk of needing to change lawyers down the road
  • To gain an understanding of costs associated with legal services

While the complimentary consultation provides excellent benefits, to make the most out of your time, you will want to prepare for the meeting with prospective lawyers carefully: 

  • Bring as much information as possible
  • Ask lawyers ahead of time what you should bring to the appointment
  • Be prepared of whether the consultation is complimentary or if you will be financially obligated at the first appointment
  • Come prepared with a list of questions you would like the answers to

Florida residents and business owners deserve legal counsel that represents their best interests, which is why taking the time to meet with lawyers and prepare for the first meeting will make all the difference. 

Choosing Our Firm

Wayne Patton JD, LLC is committed to helping Florida residents protect their wealth to ensure continued prosperity for future generations. We have seen first hand the devastation that a lawsuit can have, and protecting your assets should be your top priority. However, by contacting our firm, we will dedicate our skill and experience to safeguard your assets so that you can rest assured that they are safeguarded from litigation. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by scheduling an appointment with our very own asset protection lawyer today.