LLC Asset Protection Lawyer

LLC Asset Protection Lawyer Florida

LLC asset protection lawyer Florida

When you are thinking about the process of planning your estate in Florida, it is very important to consider the option of asset protection. Asset protection is a specialized practice that is recognized by the American Bar Association. It puts legal strategies in place that allows for the protection of your assets, especially from future creditors, divorce, lawsuits, or other judgments. Asset protection planning does not involve evading taxes or secretive or fraudulent agreements. It is strategic planning that is completely legal — using strategies that have been tested over time in the context of estate planning and business law.

Unfortunately, having a high net worth could put a profitable target on you, especially from trial lawyers. Lawsuits can be one of the biggest threats to wealthy individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, which is why it’s important to put legal strategies in place to protect your assets. More than 40,000 lawsuits are filed in the U.S. every day. In recent years, our nation has shown that no business or professional activity is exempt from the risk of being sued. Preparing for a potential lawsuit is a legal plan that should be a part of any business and estate planning process. 

Some people might not believe that they need to take the steps to protect their assets, but let me tell you why that might not be the case. If you have any accumulated assets like real estate, stocks, bonds, and other investments then those assets can be targeted, and you should consider this question, “What will happen if I get sued?” You don’t want to be blind-sided and lose the assets that you have achieved and worked hard to keep. You don’t want to deal with being sued when it happens but prepare for the instance if it does happen. 

If you reside in Florida and believe that you might need an asset protection lawyer or have been considering taking that extra step in protecting the assets that you have worked hard for then you should take the next step and contact an asset protection lawyer from MW Patton. 

Here at MW Patton, we aim to legally and ethically build an impenetrable fortress around your wealth. Having an asset protection lawyer can assist with guarding your assets against more than 40,000 lawsuits that are filed every day against high net worth individuals, high-risk professionals, business owners, athletes. When you have adequate preparation it will give you a sense of ease and could offer you a life where you aren’t constantly worrying about what could happen and instead focus on living your life and enjoying the wealth you have earned. 

MW Patton has the knowledge of the laws and the court systems to assist in preventing plaintiffs from targeting and seizing the wealth through lawsuits. An asset protection lawyer at MW Patton will guide and counsel to put in place asset protection strategies that could benefit the planning of your estate and your future. 

To speak with an LLC asset protection lawyer in Florida, contact MW Patton.