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Knowing how to manage your assets well is key to preserving your prosperity for you and your family, and you can start by meeting with an offshore trust lawyer in the Florida area. Asset protection and estate planning is essential for keeping your wealth safe from lawsuits and other threats. Understanding the accurate, up-to-date strategies ensure that your assets which you’ve worked hard to achieve are always secure. Begin planning for your wealth protection now by finding a trust attorney near you.  

Offshore Trust Lawyer Florida

Working with a dedicated attorney has many advantages if you own assets and estates. High-net worth individuals can also greatly benefit from estate planning, whether you need an offshore trust or revocable living trust. Laws are complex and contain many nuances that can be difficult to understand, so an experienced asset protection attorney like Wayne Patton JD, LLC can give you the guidance to jump through the many legal hurdles and sort through the jargon and vast court structure. 

Florida laws can change frequently and there are minute details that can be overlooked, or used by trial lawyers to target your wealth. By receiving professional estate planning services provided by a capable and dedicated offshore trust lawyer in Florida, you can focus on enjoying your hard-earned wealth freely without worry. 

Planning Ahead 

When it comes to your wealth security, it is critical to start as early as possible. Basic steps include organizing your financial documents in a secure place and keeping track of the movement of your assets, estate and the people who have access to the relevant information. Asset protection plans are unique because they provide protection that coverage from insurance may not offer. Planning requires comprehensive knowledge of laws and involves setting up legal barriers to keep others from targeting your valuable assets. Additionally, the proper asset protection strategy ensures that a trust will be the owner of the LLC. When combined, an asset protection plan and estate plan offer a stronger layer of reinforced security to your wealth.

Keeping Your Wealth Secure

Did you know that about 40,000 lawsuits are filed daily against high-income professionals with multiple assets? Whether you’re a doctor, executive, business owner, or athlete, we can provide you with legal representation curated to your profession. If you take the proper measures, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim to predatory litigation.

There are many threats to your assets that can range from plaintiffs to creditors. Today, lawsuits are the biggest threat to wealthy professionals. Fortunately, our legal team has the experience to suggest the strategies that you can use to combat lawsuits. They can give you the counsel to set up a proactive plan so you can build strong safeguards around your wealth. 

A Proven Record

At Wayne Patton, JD, LLC, we offer various services designed to suit your wealth protection needs. We employ the strategies that best fit the nature of your assets and estate plan. Consult with a Florida offshore trust lawyer for an evaluation now.