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We offer clients a wide array of asset protection legal services, including:

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Family Limited Liability Company – The basic building block of any asset protection strategy



Asset Protection Overview

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts – Go offshore or give yourself the ability to go offshore for maximum protection (hybrid variations of Offshore Trusts with domestic planning components are also known as Portable Asset Protection Trusts, Hybrid Trusts, the Asset Protection Bridge Technique, Springing Trusts, Collapsing Bridge Settlement of Trust, etc.)




Section 541 Special Power of Appointment Trusts – For domestic asset protection (not a DAPT)



Estate PlanningEstate Planning – Virtually everyone needs a Healthcare Power of Attorney, a Revocable Living Trust, and a Last Will. If you don’t have these things, your estate may be required to go through probate, and that is simply a waste of time and money for your loved ones.



Checkbook IRA

Checkbook IRA – Open up the investment possibilities with a Checkbook IRA. You can even invest offshore through this vehicle.




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Asset Protection for Doctors