Episode 5 – Domestic Wealth Preservation & Protection With Section 541 Special Power of Appointment Trusts

This episode is 14:46 long and introduces the concept of Section 541 Special Power of Appointment Trusts. These types of trusts have a long history, and they serve both to preserve and pass wealth to future generations and, if used properly, to protect assets from creditor claims.

Episode 4 – Offshore Trusts and Planning Continued

This episode is 24:31 in length and discusses the integral players in any offshore plan, including Protectors, Investment Advisors, Trustees, and mechanisms that are absolutely essential if you want to avoid problems down the road.

Episode 3 – Introduction to Offshore Asset Protection

This episode is 15:26 long and introduces you to the concept of offshore wealth preservation. We discuss the legality of offshore planning and the reason it should at least be considered when forming your estate plan.

Episode 2 – How Does Asset Protection Work?

This podcast is 23 minutes and 24 seconds long.

In this episode we tackle the moral question imposed by protecting your assets against lawsuits, types of asset protection that you might already have in the form of exempt assets, and one simple trick that you can use when titling your assets to get little extra protection.

Episode 1 – What Is Asset Protection?

In this episode we answer the question “What is asset protection?”

Specifically, we talk about the three areas of law used by wealth preservation attorneys and introduce the fundamentals of good estate plans designed to protect assets from lawsuits and pass on multi-generational wealth.