Asset Protection Lawyer for Doctors

Asset Protection Lawyer for Doctors Florida Asset Protection Lawyer for Doctors Florida

Our asset protection lawyer for doctors will tell you that medical professionals must take steps toward protecting their assets. Asset protection is the process of securing assets by safeguarding them from lawsuits that may arise. For medical professionals in Florida, the risk can be relatively high as medical malpractice cases are among the most common personal injury cases. There are several reasons to protect assets, and Wayne Patton JD, LLC can help. We know that the process of finding a lawyer may be overwhelming, and we have provided several tips to keep in mind. Holding to these while finding a lawyer can help to ensure that you receive the legal representation necessary. After an extensive search, we are confident that you will choose our firm to schedule your first meeting with. 

Doctors Need to Protect Their Assets

Facing a possible lawsuit that can financially impact a person can be a scary thing to consider. Doctors and other medical providers are susceptible to medical malpractice cases when they have had an outcome less than favorable to the patient. The patient may then choose to take legal action for their losses. While it’s critical for doctors in Florida to have medical malpractice insurance for these types of situations, they should also take steps to protect their personal assets. It’s possible for a judge to issue a verdict beyond what medical malpractice insurance covers. Another reason doctors consider asset protection is to safeguard assets for personal liability situations that may involve either themselves or their loved ones. Even if a claim is filed against a partner, joint assets could be at stake. 

Tips for Finding an Asset Protection Lawyer

As a doctor, one of your top priorities will be to find a legal professional who has the necessary experience and skill to provide sound legal advice for strategizing the protection of your assets. It’s essential not choose just any lawyer; keep the following tips in mind when looking for a Florida lawyer:

  • Search for a lawyer with experience in financial planning, estate planning, and asset protection
  • Conduct extensive online research
  • Speak with people you know, asking for recommendations
  • Check reputable websites like the American Bar Association
  • An attorney who can find ways to protect assets legally 
  • Schedule time to meet for a consultation

Lawsuits can come at unexpected times, and you won’t want to be left unprepared. Working with an experienced lawyer will be critical to protecting your assets from creditors, and with their support, you have the opportunity at asset protection in a thoughtful, planful way. 

Questions to Ask Asset Protection Lawyers at Your First Meeting

The first meeting with a prospective lawyer will be one of the most critical steps to take when searching for an experienced Florida professional. Be aware that some lawyers may offer consultations for free, while others may charge a fee. Because time will be limited, you must get the most out of this initial meeting. This will allow you to understand prospective lawyers better, get a feel for their style and personality, and allow for the opportunity to ask questions. Some questions you might want to consider asking include:

  • What is your experienced area of practice?
  • How many years have you been practicing law? 
  • How many cases have you managed that are similar to my own? 
  • What costs are associated with your services?
  • Will you be handling my case, or will someone else be supporting me? 
  • What are some strategies you would recommend for protecting my assets?

No person should see the assets they have worked so hard to build at risk to a creditor. Because Florida medical professionals like nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, and surgeons hold a great responsibility in their careers, they also have significant risks. Wayne Patton JD, LLC is an asset protection for doctors lawyer who is ready to help initiate the asset protection process before it’s too late; call today.