Offshore Asset Protection – Unassailable Strength

People ask why I use the Cook Islands for offshore asset protection. Here’s the answer: Unassailable Strength. The Cook Islands have the best and most battle-tested asset protection law in existence. The Cooks are also completely independent of the U.S. government. The country does not accept economic aid from the U.S. in any form.

Combine all that with the fact that asset protection trusts comprise about 10% of the economy of the Cook Islands annually (second only to tourism), and it become exceedingly clear that the government of the Cooks has a vested interest in protecting your money.

Jennifer A. Davis, Chief Executive of the Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority says, “Asset protection is to provide a layer of insurance for something that cannot be insured – the unforeseeable.”

According to documents leaked to the media last year, U.S. citizens currently have about $1 trillion worth of assets parked in offshore trusts. Those assets are safe. Even in cases where trust creators have acted in severely egregious ways, creditors have come up completely empty when challenging Cook Islands trusts – the U.S. government included, as the Cook Islands have denied petitions filed by the Federal Trade Commission and Fannie Mae.